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David is the 6 generation legacy of drywall finishing tracing as far back as 1905. His father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather and great-great-great-grandfather were all in the wall finishing business. It is in his blood. David is technical and meticulous and has experience on both sides of the construction and contractor business. His goal is to make sure the team gets the job completed with a high standard of service, reliability and professionalism. With five children and a loving and supportive wife, David has the experience and support to accomplish his goal of providing the best drywall service to residents and businesses in Lambton County. 

Dave Naus and Naus Drywall Lambton County Sarnia


Residential and Commercial Drywall Installation

Our goal is to complete the drywall process efficiently and with high standards so the wall will have a smooth finish and the joints will be invisible to the naked eye.  

Naus Drywall steel framing

Steel Framing

We frame the area with steel so we can apply drywall efficiently over the wall.

Naus Drywall boarding for a commercial drywall project


We measure and cut each board carefully to apply drywall over the wall.

Naus Drywall Taping

Drywall Taping

We apply tape over the joints between pieces of installed drywall.

Naus Drywall mudding and sanding

Mudding & Sanding

We apply multiple coats of drywall mud smoothly over the tape. We sand between each coat for a smooth finish.

Naus Drywall lighting check after sanding

Critical Light Check

We inspect the surface carefully after sanding to ensure a smooth finish before priming.

Naus Drywall priming after drywall installation


We finish the process with spray primer so the surface is ready for paint or a textured finish.

Drywalling Homes

Drywalling new homes, new additions, new basements, drywalling the garage, drywall ceilings, drywall over brick or plaster. Our goal is to complete the drywall process efficiently with a smooth finish and high standard of workmanship. 

Naus Drywall soundproofing with resilient channel ceiling

Wall & Ceiling Preparation

We frame in and patch up the holes that your plumber or electrician created for your new addition. We can also add resilient channel and insulation for soundproofing. 

Naus Drywall installation and repair

Drywall Installation

We board, tape, mud, sand and do critical light checks to ensure the surface is smooth. We protect the floors and vacuum to keep the area clean.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Removing a popcorn ceiling or textured ceiling can help your home feel more modern. We remove the textured ceiling, mud and sand it smoothly and prime so your new ceiling has a nice smooth finish.  

Naus Drywall popcorn ceiling removal

Scrape popcorn Ceiling

We cover everything with plastic to protect your floors then scrape off the texture on the ceiling.

Naus Drywall applying mud after popcorn ceiling removal

Apply Mud & Sand

We apply multiple coats of mud and sand the ceiling to get a flat, smooth finish. 

Naus Drywall priming ceiling after drywall installation

Apply Desired Finish

We paint the new surface or spray a new texture; orange peel or knockdown to create a beautiful finish.


Home Hardware Watford ON
Naus Drywall installation at Home Hardware Watford ON

Home Hardware, Watford, ON

Challenge: The client expanded the showroom 10,000 sq. ft. 

Project: Four hundred and fifty 12 foot long 5/8″ sheets of drywall needed to be installed, mudded, primed and painted. 

Solution: This project finished 2 days ahead of schedule and the customer was very happy. 

Metro Sarnia ON
Naus Drywall installation Metro Sarnia, ON

Metro, Sarnia, ON

Challenge: The store wanted to add a new area. The job had to be finished during the overnight hours when the store was closed.

Project: Drywalled and finished multiple walls for a small renovation. We completed it in one night from 8 pm to 4 am.

Solution: Our team went in and made short work of the project allowing the business to stay operating as normal.

Naus Drywall installation at new home in Petrolia, ON
Naus Dryall installation at new homes in Petrolia, ON

New Homes, Petrolia, ON

Challenge: Brand new homes required experienced drywall finishing. Some projects required extra time and specific attention to detail. 

Project: We do the wall and ceiling preparation and complete drywall installation and finishing.

Solution: We were able to complete these projects efficiently and on time.  

Safety Compliance

It is the policy of Naus Drywall to provide a safe place of employment reasonably free from hazards that may cause illness or injury to our employees. We have established an effective and continuous safety program incorporating educational and monitoring procedures. We are certified in WHMIS, FAST Occupational Health & Safety Ladder and Stilt Training, United Academy’s Working at Heights Training and Scissor Lift Training.

FAST Occupational Health & Safety
WHMIS Ontario Certification
United Academy Working at Heights Training and Scissor Lift Training

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